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Chopin: the poet of the piano (screenshot). W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP Jpeg. 2.85 kb

03/07/08 Chopin: the poet of the piano (USA).
'A favorite Chopin place since 1999 with complete music, great pianists, quizzes, discussions, tune games, contests, biography, images, visitor interaction and more.'

World Paper Currency Gallery (screenshot). W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP Jpeg. 3.46 kb

03/07/08 World Paper Currency Gallery (USA).
'Currency collection of paper money from 300+ countries, including some countries that no longer exist. Site is informative and EDUCATIONAL. A valued experience to explore'.

Alice PANDORA (screenshot). W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP Jpeg. 2.61 kb

03/07/08 Alice PANDORA (Brazil).
'Personal site with angels, fairies, poetry, health tips. Snowglobes, websets, free wallpaper; and an Awards Program in English and Portugese.'

Oakville Masonic Lodge # 599 'screenshot'. W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP Jpeg. 2.86 kb.

07/23/08 Oakville Masonic Lodge # 599 (USA). Site provides information on the Masonic fraternity and the Oakville Masonic Lodge # 599, located in Memphis, TN.

kit do Sucesso 'screenshot'. W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP Jpeg. 3.22 kb.

07/23/08 kit do Sucesso (Brazil). Site offers free web tools, handouts, manuals, and e-books. Navigation safe for the whole family.

Angel's Affordable Web Design 'screenshot'. W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP. 2.96 kb.

07/24/08 Angel's Affordable Web Design (USA). Affordable small business web design services. Professional custom web design and website redesign. Colorado, USA.

Koln, Schlusselbander & mehr 'web screenshot.' W: 110, H: 62. Type: PSP Jpeg.

08/08/09 Koln, Schlusselbander & mehr (GE). A full family site, that includes home photos, family, and countryside photos. A gifted and informational site.

Animation Factory GIF (paid subscription). W: 50, H: 50. 3.01 kb

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