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The Awards Community offers a vast volume of educational resource material for web
development and design. These resources also offer valued information on web awards,
their history, development, and current trends. A required reading for anyone thinking
about starting their own Awards Program.

The following is a collection of sites, linked by permission, that will answer any question,
or assistance you require. You may also want to consider joining one of the many forums
available. They're fun, interactive, and offer a wide resource of peer knowledge & help.

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The Awards Community has joined together to offer a 'Help Now'! program to assist those new to website design. The program offers free tutorials and personal help in the development of your web endeavors; and an introduction to the Awards Community.

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Page Resource banner. W:88, H: 31. Type: PSP GIF. 2.74 kb

TheSiteWizard 'Design Tips' banner. W: 88, H: 31. Type: PSP GIF.

W3Schools banner. W: 100, H: 30. Type: PSP GIF. 1.95 kb

Good-Tutorials Logo. W: 88, H: 31.

Copyscape banner. W: 88, H: 31. Type: PSP GIF. 1.76 kb

The Webmasters Guide to Glory banner. W: 150, H: 50. Type: PSP GIF. 3.59 kb

UWSAG 'Promo' banner. W: 150, H: 50. Type: PSP GIF. 26.3 kb

Award Sites! 'Bettering the Net!' banner. W: 102, H: 50. Type: PSP Jpeg. 5.39 kb

World's Top Awards website banner. W: 120, H: 70. Type: PSP GIF. 3.55 kb

Internet 4Classrooms banner: W: 159, H: 78. Type: PSP GIF. 4.20 kb

Webmonkey 'Developer's Resource' banner. W: 112, H: 75. Type: PSP GIF. 4.45 kb

On-Line Encyclpedia/Wikipedia


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A special note of thanks to Aiko Timmer of ATGP Awards for downloading ACN to our site.

If you have any other sites you can recommend for this page, please feel free to do so.

See memberships for additional resource material

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