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How we Judge your site

Thank you for for your interest in our program. Your site will be evaluated on a point system. Point criteria are as follows. Point deductions will be made for failure to comply.

20 points for design  Well laid out. Uniform color and fonts. Easy to navigate; menu or site map on all pages. Must be pleasing to the eye. Will it make someone want to revisit?

20 points for layout  Have a uniform order/theme. Not one long page covering several
  several subjects; or combination of assorted links or subjects.

20 points for graphic/images  Not clashing or hard on the eyes. Keep animations to a
  minimum. Credit must be given where applicable. ALT tags are required to conform to
  accessibility laws for the visually impaired.

40 points for content  A qualifying site must have a unified theme with eight pages of
  intellectual content. If you have something to say, be succinct and to the point. Check
  all spelling and grammar.

Bonus points (10)  These additional points are at the discretion of the evaluator. Does
  your site offer something back to the Internet community. Award Program, Tutorials,
  Resource material, or anything that will benefit your visitor?

Our Awards/View

Gold Award  is presented to sites that have exhibited a comprehensive knowledge of website design,
  creativity and excellence. It is our top award, and earned in recognition of your esthetic content, inno-
  vation, and artistic talent. Points to achieve this award 96-100.

Silver Award  is presented to sites that have achieved a score of 86-95 points. The recipient of this
  award has demonstrated their ability in designing a very good site; but their are some areas that
  can be improved upon.
Bronze Award  is presented to sites that have achieved a score of 70-85 points. The Bronze Award
  recognizes the hard work, creativity and effort in developing your site; however, there are some
  areas or elements that fail to meet our criteria and need to be improved upon.

Merit Award  is presented to sites that have achieved a score of 60-69 points. The Merit Award
  recognizes the dedication and valued work of the webmaster in their development of a quality site.  

Other Awards  are presented at the discretion of the evaluator to recognize special sites for their
  artistic value and content that do not fall within the 'nautical theme' of our program.

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