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Welcome. We are proud to introduce our team of Evaluators.
Nautical Awards is honored to be associated with these talented Judges.

William T. Morgen,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) - English Sites

Owner/Webmaster Lagoon View Yacht Club / Nautical Awards Program
Employment: Corporate Credit Manager. Education: BS Finance/Mgmt. Beaver College, PA.
Self taught web design. LVYC site was established in 2000 (over 100 awards). I Learned a lot by applying for awards; decline ratio 3 to 1. I listened to feedback and implemented the necessary changes. It's trial and error. I was so fascinated by the Awards Community that I started the NAP program in 2003 (a major learning curve). I'm still learning, and proud to announce that the NAP program has advanced to a current rating of: AS! 5.0; UWSAG 4.0; EUTODA 3.0; I.W.A.R.A. 5.0; Olymp-Award-Index 3.0; Palion-Award-Index 3.0; WebAwards 3.0; A Treasures Chest (ATC) 1.0. This could not have been achieved if I did not listen to constructive feedback. I am also an Evaluator for Ruth's Haven AP; APIRS; G.N.A.E.; Opus Life Award; Repillien AP; Opus Life Index; AWARD; JerryD's Award Site; and a Membership Committee member of APEX.  Also see membership affiliations.

Aiko Timmer,  Oosterwolde, The Netherlands - Dutch/German Sites

Aiko is our Dutch/German Evaluator. He is owner/webmaster of Aiko Timmer's Genealogy, a
family genealogy website. Born in 1957 in a small community called Vlagtwedde in the beautiful province of Groningen in the Netherlands. Aiko has dedicated many years on the genealogy of his family, and offers extensive resource information to those that wish to build their genealogies. His abilities and knowledge of website design is highly respected in the awards community. He is an Evaluator for several prominent programs.

Friedrich Hornischer,  Germany (Rhine Valley) - German Sites

Friedrich was born in Austria. He had his own music band. As an autodidact he studied
history. Later he worked with Microsoft Developer Kit and the software for the PC driver
license program. He is experienced with MS Office, Photoshop 7 and Dreamweaver MX.
Friedrich is owner/Webmaster of Timelines, a site dedicated to the development during
timescales, and visions of the future. Timelines also offers an accredited Awards Program
that is highly respected within the awards community as both a webmaster and evaluator.

Jerry D. Tucker,  Houston, Texas (USA) - English Sites

Owner and Webmaster of JerryD's Award Site. Jerry has a degree in Civic Engineering and has worked most of his life in the construction industry. "I love working on web sites and have learned a lot since I started in 1999. I still have a long way to go, but will 'Never Ever Give Up' trying to be a better Webmaster. I hope to be able to give back to the internet some of the joy I have received viewing all the great websites that offer so many wonderful resources. I have a few good freebies and some very good webtools and will continue to add more as time goes on." The JerryD's Award Program is presently rated AS! 5.0; I.W.A.R.A. 5+; Olymp-Award-Index 5.0; APEX Member and Certified Evaluator. Nautical Awards is proud and honored to have Jerry as a member of our team.

Lupercio MundimBrazil - Portuguese/Spanish Sites

Lupercio is the owner/webmaster of Poetic Soul Award Program. "I was born November 4, 1946 in Brazil; I lived in the cities of Ipameri, Goiania, and Rio de Janeiro. I am a Lawyer & studied in the Faculdade Anhanguera de Ciencias Humanas Goliania. I started to create my personal sites (I have 16) in 1995, with importance on content, design and navigation; the sites must be original,interesting, useful, and friendly for all. I am honored to be a member of the LVYC Nautical Awards team." (06/06/06)

Technical Advisors

Erin Severn:  Owner/Webmistress 'Foxcatcher Series'. A/K/A Mz. Foxcatcher. Co-author,
                   mentor, friend, and original design artist for Nautical Awards Program.

James Binegar:  Owner/Webmaster 'Graphics by James'. Designer of 'Best Nautical
                    Award' (exclusive/paid) and co-author of NAP criteria and rules.
                    James Passed away on November 16, 2005 after an unsuccessful
                         double lung transplant in October. In memory of James, his name
                         will remain as 'Artist' and friend of Nautical Awards/Lagoon View.

James Binegar 'Graphics by James' Memorial banner. Designed by Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc. W: 209, H: 90. Type: PSP8-Jpeg. 6.03 kb

Animation Factory GIF (paid subscription). W: 50, H: 50. 3.08 kb.

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