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CEM/CEMA 'Code of Ethics' Member logo (membership approved 01-22-05). W: 110 H: 140. Type: PSP JPG. 6.37 KB (Program closed 05/05).

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Declaration of Ethics (COE). Nautical Awards Program/LVYC

I, William T. Morgen, Owner/Webmaster of Nautical Awards Program and Lagoon View Yacht Club, do hereby declare that I, and any evaluator of our program, agree to advance and promote the Code of Ethics as stated, in order to ensure fairness to all applicants and to maintain the honor and integrity of this award program.

I agree that all critiques given will be constructive. Criticism shall not be given unless it's specifically requested by an applicant, and in these instances, will remain positive where possible in order to promote good will and advance the level of quality of the Internet.

I agree to allow eligibility to all applicants who meet the criteria of our program. I agree to be uniform in our evaluation process, and to fairly evaluate all applicant sites.

I agree not to discriminate on grounds of race, gender, religious, or national origin; and
to maintain a professional, courteous, and positive manner in corresponding with all applicants.

I agree to set forth awards criteria and to adhere to same. Proposed changes in criteria will be posted for two (2) weeks prior to the final publishing of same with notices posted
on site so all potential applicants can view and understand the proposed changes.

I agree to evaluate web sites under the criteria which was in place at the time of any and/or all application(s). If changes are made to criteria after application(s) is/are received, the submitted site(s) will be evaluated using the criteria that was in effect when applicant(s) initially submitted the site(s).

I agree to immediately inform any criteria-compliant applicant, in writing, of a 'refrain to evaluate' if it is found that a conflict of interest would occur in evaluating their web site. This may occur upon being requested to evaluate the web site of a friend, or any appearance of a favorable exchange submission. I will recluse myself from the evaluation and offer such applicant a choice of evaluators from a selected list.

I agree to evaluate sites within thirty (30) days of receipt of submission. If this deadline cannot be met, I agree to notify the applicant of the delay, and suspend further submissions until the back log is brought within the stated time frame.

I agree not to divulge any information about any applicant to persons, groups, or others not connected with the Nautical Awards Program (and only for evaluation purposes). All information received from applicants via e-mail submissions forms will be deemed private. See our Privacy Statement

I agree that there will be no obligation for winning awards from NAP beyond meeting the criteria. It is not, and never will be, mandatory at NAP/LVYC to sign a guest book, or join a mailing list. It is a requirement that any award granted from this site must be linked back to our site in a method that will be outlined in our award notifcation e-mail.

I agree that I will not grant awards to, or in any other manner endorse or promote, any web site that endorses, promotes or contains content which is considered to be illegal, sexual in content, or discriminatory.

I agree that NAP will not accept favors of any sort in exchange for preferential treatment of submissions. NAP at all times will maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity.

Submitted on the 27th day of July, 2004.  Reaffirmed (CEM/CEMA) 01-22-05. Reaffirmed (WWWEC) 06/20/05. William T. Morgen COE revised 04/07/09.

Code of Ethic banner (COE). W: 88, H: 31. Type: Macromedia FX PNG. 5.62kb  The Code of Ethics (COE) is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike United States License with credit being given to Award Community News in accordance with the terms of the License.

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