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Eligibility and General Criteria

Disqualifications/What We Do Not Want to See

We want to evaluate and award your site. That's the purpose of our program. In an effort to save time and establish your eligibility for our award we will first review what is not acceptable to win our award. If any of these items apply, we request that you forgo the application process and apply when you have met our criteria.

* To be able to evaluate your site, it must be in English, Dutch, German, hosted by a paid server using a level domain name (i.e., .Com, .Net., .Org, etc). Discretionary exceptions will be made for non-profit religious and military sites.
* We do not review marketing sales sites, free, or MSN, Yahoo, Geocities group sites.
* A quality site should not be a collection of links, or marketing referrals.
* A thoughtful webmaster will thoroughly read our criteria and complete the AP application in its entirety.
* A responsible Webperson will ensure that their site is family friendly and open for all ages. A family safe designation should be clearly visible on your site.
* A Webperson that is proud of their accomplishments should have a separate page where the awards you have won are displayed. If this is your first award we recommend that you have a designated page to honor your achievements.
* We only accept applications from the website owner or authorized manager that has attained the age of 18.
* A qualifying site will contain a unified theme (background, fonts, graphics) and have a minimum of eight pages of intellectual content that is consistent throughout the site. A site displaying a collection of photos, friendships, testimonials does not qualify as intellectual content.
* A skillful webperson will always add a 'skip intro button' to a flash page with long loading time, and if music is present, a button to turn it off.
* A quality designed site should be free of 404 errors (Page Not Found) and not contain 'Under Construction' or 'Coming Soon' notices.
* A good Webperson will ensure that there are no more than three broken internal links on your site; we limit external links to five. Use a link checker to verify broken links. Internal links should open always open in the same browser window, and external links in a new window (except strictly XHTML valid sites).
* Sites displaying obvious copyright violations without due credits or permission will not be reviewed. See Copyright.
* A well designed website should have ALT and Meta tags on all graphics and images to comply with Accessibility Guidelines.
* A thoughtful Web Designer will not disable my right mouse cursor. It should be possible to see the source code.
* A site with a good design should have a copyright statement that is visibly present on your site. This tells us that everything is of your own making, or with permission of use.
* We ask that you provide a privacy policy on your site if you collect information on your visitors, and what you do with it. An informed Webperson should know that a COPPA statement is required (US sites only) if you collect personal data from minors 13 years of age and younger.
* As a responsible site owner you know that it should be possible to visit all parts of your website without using a password, or membership registration.
* Sites will not be reviewed if they contain pornographic material, promote hate or contain content this is not family friendly.
* You know as a responsible Webperson, that any known applicant that has a history of inappropriate conduct with this program or any AP or evaluator that we may be affiliated with will be disqualified for consideration.

* If you feel that these disqualifiers do not apply, please proceed to our general criteria.

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General Criteria

* Does your site exhibit artistic talent in design, creativity, and offer a minimum of eight pages of quality content? Then you are welcome to apply.
* Is the purpose of your site clearly defined and have a unified theme?
* Do your pages show a high level of design that provides easy navigation, friendly use, and optimal download time of less than 90 seconds on a 56K modem?
* Is the overall layout pleasing to the eye and make good use of space on each page?
* Do you use backgrounds and fonts that are clearly readable that lend a concept or theme that enhance your subject matter?
* Is your site free of horizontal scrolling at 1024 or 800 resolution?
* Is a menu and contact accessible on all pages of your site?
* Does your site contain a site map? This provides easy navigation in viewing extensive websites.
* Do you have have 'Up to top' buttons on long pages?
* Have you tested your pages for correct spelling?
* If the criteria is not clear to you, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Criteria-How We Judge Your Website

* Our evaluation is based on a point scoring system (20 points for design; 20 points for layout; 20 points for graphic/images; 40 points for content; possible bonus points: 10). See Scoring for additional information.
* To win our Gold award you need to achieve a point score of 96-100; Silver 86-95; Bronze 70-85; Merit 60-69 points. View Awards.
* We suggest that you take the self test prior to applying. NAP code billy.
* Applicant sites will be judged in accordance with our criteria and Code of Ethics.
* Upon submission of your site by way of application or email, you will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your application. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, please resubmit the application.
* By submitting your site to NAP, you agree to allow us to post the status/winning URL on our 'Winners Page'. See Privacy Statement. 
* If you fail to win our award at this time, you are welcome to resubmit your application after 60 days, only if you have made significant changes and improvements to your site. 
* Applicants will be notified of award decision and feedback within 21 days. Should there be a delay, you will be notified. Feedback applies to Silver, Bronze, Merit & Other only.
* If you win our award, we prefer but don't require that it be linked back to our site. You agree not to resize or alter the award. If requested, we will be happy to resize if for you. All awards are personalized with a laudation.
* Winning applicants agree to notify us of any URL changes or site closures.
* Failure to win our award is only by reason of failure to read and meet our criteria.
* If you do not win our award, or are dissatisfied with our decision, you are welcome to contact us with your reasons (in a polite manner). Do not send nasty emails or contact third parties with your displeasure or site criticisms. Read the Creed.

* If you are in compliance with our criteria, please proceed to our application.

Best wishes and Good Luck. Many thanks for the honor to evaluate your site.

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