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Many hours have been expended in the development of the Nautical Awards Program. It would not have been possible without the help, influence, and many hours of constructive instruction given by members of the awards community.

I'd like to thank Donna Snyder, CEO of WorldwideWebAwards; Erin a/k/a Mz. Foxcatcher  of the FoxCatcher Series (mentor and co-creator of Nautical Awards); James Binegar of Graphics by James for designing the 'Best Nautical Site' award; Judy M. Gavette of Seal  of Patriot Awards (now closed) for her friendship and design of our general awards; Maggi Norris of Nem5; Sandra Gerbers of FunTyme Entertainment; Aiko Timmer; Ruth Bailey; Friedrich Hornischer;Tony Duthoo; Lupercio Mundim; Michael Graves; Denny Lancaster; Hannah; Erica St John; Jo Phillips, and the many forum friends of UWSAG, AS!, CEM/CEMA (closed), APIRS, and RAU Awards Institute for their many hours of guidance, patience, and overall encouragement.

Credit is given where known for 'free source' material. Award graphics and art have been
credited. Web tutorials and other educational resource links have been credited to the author, and permission obtained by LVYC for their use. The Midi file of 'Anchor's Aweigh' (1907 Charles A. Zimmerman) is used by permission of Benjamin Robert Tubb from his website at Public Domain Music

Flags are the copyright property of; permission for use obtained.

The animated graphics used on this site, and gold clipart are under a paid subscription agreement with Animation Factory and 24K Graphics Gold. The Guestbook and awards application is a paid 'professional' service of Bravenet Services.

The Self Test, RSS Feed, ACN, and Judge Evaluation form was designed, and permission for use, by Aiko Timmer of ATGP.

James Binegar 'Gaphics by James' Memorial banner. Designed by Tony Duthoo of USWAG. W: 250, H:100. Type: PSP Jpeg. 6.31 kb

Animated Factory GIF (paid subsciption). W: 50, H: 50. Type: PSP. 1.08 kb

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