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Updated October 17, 2010 / Temp closed.  Tech/Medical problems.

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Welcome to our Nautical Awards Program
(a subsidiary of Lagoon View Yacht Club, Inc./1987) 


The Nautical Awards Program was established on October 1, 2003 to recognize the
accomplishments of web masters and web mistresses that exhibit artistic talent, esthetic
content, innovation, design; and overall value for the betterment of the Internet
community. The Nautical Awards Program wishes to honor the hard work, dedication,
and creativity of those web persons that make the World Wide Web a pleasure to visit.

The Nautical Awards Program is a three (3) tier, four (4) level program offering Gold,
Silver, Bronze and Merit awards to Nautical, General, and Angler sites. Other awards
not listed are presented at the discretion of the Nautical Awards Program to recognize
the special, outstanding sites that do not fall within the nautical theme. Site reviews
are in English, Dutch, and German, only.

Background history

This is a new program of LVYC prompted by the joy of applying for awards, and the kind instruction and inspiration of the many professional Design Artists that took the time to critique and evaluate our website; from the negative feedback and positive direction of our evaluators, I learned a lot about website design, "READING RULES", criteria, and copyright infringement. Yes, these initial infractions occurred. It was a learning curve.

As this is a fun program, our rules and criteria will not be as comprehensive as found at other Award Programs. We do not use modules to evaluate your site, or HTML tools as a disqualifier. The awards are not 'give aways'  but must be earned. Your site will be evaluated based on our criteria. Please read the rules and criteria prior to applying. Your site will be viewed by three Judges. You will be notified of our decision with feedback within 21 days.  

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To apply for award, complete the application form in its entirety. If your browser does not support forms, email your request to LVYC WebmasterList subject "Award". Include your name, site name, URL, email address, description of site, and award preference. Failure to comply with this 'simple' criteria will result in a disqualification notice. This is a rated Program. Awards must be earned. By submitting application, you give permission to list your site on our 'Winners' and 'Status' page. If you don't win our award, you are welcome to resubmit your application after 60 days, only if you have made significant changes and improvements to your site.    

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Association for Positive Ethical eXchange (Join Today)


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